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Proud moment for ArtemisFF...


Our COO and Trustee - Ms. Arpita Roy, AWARDED with 4U Sharod Samman 2019 - MSME, for newspaper made handicrafts & Patachitra.

We are proud to share that our newspaper made creative and handicrafts attracted  the insight of all and bagged the 1st position in 2 categories and 4th position in 1 category out of the 3 categories participated by us. (In total there were 4 categories of award and our unique handicrafts bagged 3 of them.) 

We were overwhelmed to receive the award from Shri S. Mitra - ADC, MSME with the august handholding of Shri Ajoy Bandyopadhyaya Sir - Director, MSME DI, Kolkata

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