Your support is necessary for us to continue working. It is important for us to run our programs. We run solely on donations. we have supporters who support our cause and have volunteerely joined handed with us in this nobel cause, We expect more such patrons to join this family of people who are actually doing their bit to help children claim their right to a childhood they can cherish.

It is through the undying support of our donors that we are able to support such underpriviledge children over the years. 

Artemis fountain foundation would utilize the proceedings to facilitate response that are timely, at appropriate scale and scope, providing high quality programming, to help the most vulnerable children. While we appreciate one time donations, monthly donations help us plan our programs better and sustain them for a longer duration. 

You may choose to donate a small amount based on what you can afford, even Rs. 500 per month will make a big difference to the life of a child. You shall get monthly updates on how your funding is making a difference and you will recieve your tax exemption certificate within a week of your donation.
We are transparent in our spends, last year, we spent 89% of what we got as donations to run programs across India.


All donations made to


are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G