Women Empowerment

Women empowerment projects run by our foundation is an effort to empower women by providing vocational & entrepreneurial training and workforce development through various mediums to earn their livehood. The need for women’s economic empowerment is evident around the world. While leading organizations and corporations have identified significant benefits that result from the ability of women to equally and fully participate in the economy, there is still much work to be done to advance women’s empowerment.

The aim of ths women empowerment projects is to increase household income, reduce malnutrition in children and improve living conditions in rural and isolated communities, cut off from their sources of employment and social services, through the empowerment of women as wage-earners and the creation of jobs.


We try to provide as many women with vocational training in tailoring and dairy-farming, poultry and managerial and technical capacity building to enable them to run a business. We provide women with basic equipment to start a job and support them to become organised in community-based working units to effectively manage and run their businesses. Our organization help a women to establish women’s associations in tailoring and dairy-farming to represent women’s interests, provide them with technical, administrative and logistical support and promote their products in the formal market.  


In this program our volunteers teach English and Computer skills to girls and young mothers in rural areas. The volunteer provide them with the basic skills needed to improve the quality of their communication skills and encourage them how to apply for jobs. In this way these young girls will gain confidence and will later be confident women. Your help will not only change the lives of the girls but it will also considerably change your life as well. 

OurVolunteering activities includes:-

  •  Teach and enhance their knowledge of the English language.

  •  Improve their English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. 

  •  Teach them about computers and how to operate them.

  •  Teach about the world, cultures, food and on-going stuff around the world .

  •  Teach them about the basic personal hygiene.

  •  You may enhance their skill and confidence with other fun creative ideas.